The Arizona State University Smart City Cloud Innovation Center Powered by AWS (ASU CIC) recently collaborated with the Crisis Response Network (CRN), to develop a solution that would guide residents towards customized eviction prevention guidance and information.


In 2020, the impact of COVID 19 increased the influx of calls to service providers for information on crisis, referral and data services. Arizona 211 has been fielding approximately 30,000 calls a day, 50% of them related to housing shelter and utility assistance. Inundated with calls, Arizona 211 needed a mechanism to deliver information to residents quickly and efficiently.


The 211 Arizona Eviction Prevention App was designed as a free chatbot service that would guide a user through a series of questions like zipcode and current residential status to provide customized eviction prevention guidance and information. The tool is designed with ease of use and accessibility in mind and can be utilized via desktop or mobile platforms. It is available in English, Spanish and supports voice inputs.

Supporting Artifacts

The CRN Eviction Prevention Chatbot artifacts can be found here: 

Press Release

Next Steps

The 2-1-1 Arizona Eviction Prevention App has been released to production and can be accessed via A demo of the solution is available below:

About the ASU CIC

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