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Age Friendly Arizona and the Maricopa Association of Governments engaged the ASU CIC to explore the problem of human services transportation reporting. The CIC led a Working Backwards workshop with regional transportation providers to envisioned a comprehensive solution called TRIPS. TRIPS, the Transit Reporting Information Portal System, gives human services transit providers the reporting tool they’ve long needed to simplify the process of collecting, reporting and analyzing transit data. With TRIPS, drivers, service providers and regional transit agencies are all able to create and share information on the number of rides they provide, who they are transporting to, where the trips are taken to and from, and also vehicle safety and sanitation reporting.

To see the Amy St. Peter discuss the issue and student workers Sarah Vue and Nilo Exar present a demonstration of the prototype, follow this link: 


Human services transit funders require data on the services they fund. Today, there is no standardized way to collect and manage human services transit data. Drivers have to keep track of the rides they provide and report them. Service providers then have to assemble all the driver data into report formats, verify completeness and accuracy and then submit to funders. Reporting processes are time consuming and existing solutions lack the analytics tools to fully understand the impact and value human service transit is having in the community. Before TRIPS there were no dashboard or query tools to create simple searches - like the number of people transported in the month of August in Arizona.    


TRIPS is an, open-source, SaaS (software as a service solution) for human service transit reporting that can be used as an application on a phone or tablet or directly through the website. Users set up and log in to their account and select the task they want to perform - enter data, generate reports or analyze data. Drivers are able to log their trip reports, vehicle maintenance and COVID cleaning reports with a simple and intuitive form. Drivers can use TRIPS and add rider data without Internet connectivity and submit their shift data when connectivity is available. Transit service providers are able to aggregate all of their driver data, verify completeness and submit reports to funders. Funders get timely, complete and accurate data, which allows them to run analytics and tell the complete story of the value and impact transit services have on the community.       

Supporting Artifacts

The Amazon Working Backwards process produces three artifacts - a Press Release, a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and a Visual depiction of the user experience. You can find the TRIPS artifacts here:

Next Steps

The ASU CIC is currently developing a prototype for TRIPS. You will be able to download the code for the TRIPS application here when completed..   

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